2017 GIA Conference
Detroit, MI   October 28–31
Legacy and Leadership

Cultural Equity, Institutional Power, and Whiteness

A Complex Intersection

Sunday, October 29, 3:45pm – 4:45pm

LaSalle A

Organized by Marian Godfrey, Cultural Advisor and Donor, Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.

Presented by Justin Laing, Managing Director, Hillombo, LLC; and Ian David Moss, Founder & CEO, Createquity.

Research conducted by Createquity in 2016 suggests that advocates for cultural equity often have divergent visions of what it looks like, stemming from different interests, histories, and desired futures. Inspired by conversations between Ian David Moss and Justin Laing, this session will explore philanthropy’s relationships to these different visions, along with its record of investment in each. Can the field increase the likelihood of success for each of these visions to combat racism, including addressing internalized inferiority in ALAANA people and internalized superiority in white people? Following brief presentations, Moss and Laing will begin a dialogue and ask participants to join a fishbowl-style discussion in which participants will learn from, critique, and contribute to research for the field.