2020 GIA Virtual Convening
Power, Practice, Resilience | Remix’d
November 9, 16, 23

Creative Practice as Civic Practice

Supporting artist power in community-led transformation

Artists are the shapers and drivers of culture. They offer solace and inspiration in times of crisis and break barriers to create solidarity across cultures. In their hands lies the power to change hearts and minds and bring communities together. So, why aren’t artists called on and elevated more frequently when cities and states are creating solutions? How can funders support individual artists as active participants in civic engagement and advocacy work? What is the role of philanthropy to ensure artists hold decision-making power? Join us as we explore this further with diverse voices from the sector.

Section 1 (80 minutes)
7 minutesOpening presentation/keynote
3 minutesPoll to kick off panel/interactive activity
30 minutesPanel
15 minutesQ & A
3 minutesClosing reflections from panel (share out)
15 minutesBreak out groups/Facilitated discussion/workshop
Section 2 (80 minutes)
10 minutesOpen discussion: what’s coming up for you? (hand raise function; use chat box etc.)
5 minutesRecap of section
30 minutesWorkshop (small group and put ideas into action/next steps)
10 minutesShare out/Group takeaways
10 minutesDigital Graphic Recording/facilitation review
1 minute“Thank yous” and closing