2020 GIA Virtual Convening
Power, Practice, Resilience | Remix’d
November 9, 16, 23

Reimagining Narratives of Power

Cultural strategy and philanthropic practice

As funders of arts and culture, we know the power that artists and culture makers can have to shape, influence, and even change the narratives by which we organize, make decisions, and build the future. Grantmakers have the opportunity to interrogate how this work can and should be supported. They also have the opportunity to ask what they are willing to do to change internal, institutional narratives in order to make such possibilities more accessible and more equitable. We know artists and cultural makers are uniquely poised to do the work of cultural strategy and organizing, so how can arts funders tap into this possibility as both partners and participants?

As Jeff Chang, Liz Manne, and Erin Potts wrote in a 2018 article, “Cultural strategy is a field of practice that centers artists, storytellers, media makers and cultural influencers as agents of "social change" Over the long term, cultural strategy cracks open, reimagines and rewrites fiercely-held narratives, transforming the shared spaces and norms that make up culture. In addition, it has a role to play in near-term campaigns—helping to shape opinions, beliefs and behaviors that lead to electoral, legislative, and policy wins.”

In this workshop, we will explore the history and importance of cultural strategy as a field, highlight case studies that can inhibit or advance efforts organizing efforts, explore successful narrative shift practices that can inform our own positional power, and consider how to strategically invest in the power of artists and culture makers to lay the groundwork for a regenerative society rooted in a just distribution of political, cultural, and economic power.

Section 1 (90 minutes)
7 minutesOpening presentation/keynote
3 minutesPoll to kick off panel/interactive activity
30 minutesPanel
15 minutesQ & A
3 minutesClosing reflections from panel (share out)
15 minutesBreak out groups/Facilitated discussion/workshop
Section 2 (90 minutes)
10 minutesOpen discussion: what’s coming up for you? (hand raise function; use chat box etc.)
5 minutesRecap of section
30 minutesWorkshop (small group and put ideas into action/next steps)
10 minutesShare out/Group takeaways
10 minutesDigital Graphic Recording/facilitation review
1 minute“Thank yous” and closing